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Many European Harley riders are faced with the problem that all Harley-Davidson manuals specify contents, weigth and distance in US measures. The following table helps in converting from US to European measures.

1 Inch
1 Inch3
1 Mile

1 US Gallon
1 US Quart
1 US Pint

1 lb
1 oz



0.0703 Bar

25.40 mm
16.387 cc
1.609 Kilometer

3.785 Liter
0.946 Liter
0.473 Liter

0.454 Kilogram
28.35 gram
1 Bar

1 mm
1 cc
1 Kilometer

1 liter
1 liter
1 liter

1 Kilogram
1 gram



14.22 PSI

0.0394 Inch
0.061 Inch3
0.622 Mile

0.264 US Gallon
1.057 US Quart
2.114 US Pint

2.203 lb
0.035 oz


Since almost every H-D Manual tells you exactly how to set the timing of your (electrical) ignition using an INDUCTIVE TIMING LIGHT (Part No. HD-33813) and a TIMING MARK VIEW PLUG (Part No. HD-9629565C), I will NOT discuss that here. Instead I will give a few tips that might help you when you want to replace the electrical ignition with a mechanical one (contact breaker points).
The first thing to bear in mind is that if you replace the breakerless inductive discharge ignition system by a circuit breaker system, you MUST ALSO REPLACE the ignition coil. This is because the inductive ignition system uses an ignition coil with 2.5 to 3.1 Ohms resistance (primary) while a circuit breaker requires a coil with 4.7 to 5.7 Ohms resistance (primary).
Something else to notice is that meaning of the timing marks on the flywheel varies for different models:
Before 1980  Timing mark  1980 and Later
Advance (35o) timing mark
Front cylinder top dead center (TDC)
Retarded (5o BTC) position of piston topcenter mark Front cylinder advance timing mark
n/a Rear cylinder advance timing mark (1985 and earlier)

When mounting the circuit breaker plate, the condenser must be at the bottom while the breaker contacts must be at the top.

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