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If known, I give the date and milage with every modification. Because I have a European bike, distance is in kilometers (km) instead of miles. Between braces (...) are the H-D partnumbers, according to the H-D parts catalog for 1985 FX Models (99455-85) for FXEF and FXWG parts and the 1991 parts catalog for 1340 models (99450-91) for the FXSTS Springer parts.

Harley FX/EF

1985 - Almost brand new. Even the turn signals are still present...
Ducktail-1 1989 - FXEF rear fender (59682-78A) replaced with FXWG rear fender (59904-80). I also replaced the left (59686-78) and right (59929-73) fender supports (with turn signals) with FXWG left (59960-80) and right (59961-80) fender supports.
If the FXEF license plate bracket assembly (59983-75) is replaced with the FXWG license plate bracket assembly (59993-80A), the tail lamp (68034-77) can be re-used, but it is mounted upside down. Ducktail-2
Kickstart-1 02/04/1993 048.646 km - Mounting the kick starter. I used a CCI kick start kit (25-941) instead of the FXWG kick starter.
Be careful with the first "kick" because the starter crank may damage your exhaust pipe (it will if you still have the original FXEF pipes). Kickstart-2
Springer-1 30/07/1994 055.585 km - Replacing the original FXEF front fork with a Springer (FXSTS) fork.
The FXSTS handle bar (56093-88) is much wider than the FXEF buckhorn (56081-82) so my cables were a little too short. The FXEF headlamp (67743-84) is mounted together with the oil and ignition lights on a bracket (67809-75). The Springer headlamp (67777-80A) is attached to a mounting block (67771-88) without room for oil and ignition lights so I made two small holes for them in the fuel tank trim (61647-85). Springer-2
Electra-1 01/08/1995 063.377 km - Replacing the 4.2 Fat Bob (R/L) tanks (61218-85/61426-85) with 5.2 Electra Glide (R/L) tanks (61211-84A/61228-84).
The original FXEF fuel tank trim (61647-85) can also be used with the FXWG Right and Left tanks. Electra-2
Kirsten Finished tinkering? At least for a while... The little girl waving at you is the reason for a "tinker-stop".
01/07/2000 084.517 km - Replacing the handle bar and risers. Because I wanted to mount a drag-bar I needed extra high risers (J-P Cycles, 08-974) to prevent the handles from damaging my fuel tank. Risers
Clutch 21/09/2003 097.821 km - For the first time since I bought my Harley-Davidson (18 years ago), I had to replace original parts because they were worn. After almost 98.000 km it is time for a new clutch.
23/05/2004 097.974 km - Tinkering again. Replaced the short drag-bar with a wide Fehling drag-bar. The new "mechanic" helping me is responsible for the second tinker-stop. Tail-3
Tail-6 13/06/2004 097.974 km - After mounting the rear fender a little problem popped up. The seat did not fit anymore because 3 circuit breakers attached to the rear fender were in the way. Fixed the problem by mounting the circuit breakers above the oiltank. Also replaced the highway pegs by a highway bar.

100,000 Km

On October 9, 2004 at 15:32 CET I have driven exactly 100,000 Km. Without any trouble. During the past 19 years I have been tinkering a lot, but I have never touched the V-Twin engine. The only thing that I had to replace were the clutch discs (at 97,598 Km) and of course the "normal" maintenance: oil, tires, battery, spark plugs, chain and brakes.

100,000 Km

06/10/2007 - After 22 years and more than 100.000 kilometers it is time for a major service. Read all about this, and more on the tinker page-2. Select Tinker (2) from the navigation menu on the left.

			   Fuel capacity....... 5.2 U.S. gallons
			   Color............... Black
			   Starter............. CCI Kick start
			   Front fork.......... FXSTStm Springer®
			   Handlebar........... Fehling
			   Highway bar......... FLH
			   Rear fender......... Flip-Up

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